My Story

For a more ‘industry bio’, check out my homepage. I grew up in Kansas to Lebanese parents. Music has been a part of my life since I got put in piano at age 3. As a teenager, I fled to music as an escape, particularly practicing classical piano – the ‘rebellion piece’ being Moonlight Sonata (especially the third movement), morphing into a love for Chopin, Liszt, and Ravel (in that sequence.) As I furthered my study, I became interested in the people who actually wrote the notes down, and wanted to become one of those people. Next thing you know, I’m in NYC scoring films 🙂

I’ve been so thankful to have gotten to help orchestrate Horizon Forbidden West with Oleksa Lozowchuk, to have received the Reel Change Grant, leading to mentorship with Christophe Beck, and to have gotten my show, Dust and Ions, to run Off-Broadway at the Ailey. I’m eager for what’s to come next, and here are some cool pictures 🙂

Also.. I love stargazing and history. There’s something still so wild to grasp (and really it’s incomprehensible) that we can see other galaxies hundreds of millions of miles away, light years away. Also history, particularly that surrounding Venice and Theodore Roosevelt, are a few of the things that grasp my imagination.

At the Piano

At the family piano in Kansas, one of my favorite places to write.

Dust and Ions

Original album cover for Dust and Ions, which has grown bigger than I could’ve imagined!

Bunker Studio

At the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, recording a film score.

My Studio

I love having a relatively straight-forward studio set-up.