Portrait of Wakim, black and white

As a proud recipient of Reel Change (The Fund for Diversity in Film Scoring, powered by SESAC and composer Christophe Beck, sponsored by Amazon Studios) for his work on Ebb & Flow, you can find Alex Wakim’s music scoring Julianne Moore, being featured in the National Portrait Gallery (thru 2023), DOC NYC, New Orleans Film Festival (Glen Eden, dir. Rebecca Blandón), RAINDANCE Film Festival, (Frayed Roots, dir. Nay Tabbara), Off-Broadway, and more. 

Wakim’s unique musical tastes have led him to explore fresh avenues in writing for the screen. In addition to experimenting with traditional Arabic instruments, such as the ney, to create synths, his cinematic Middle-Eastern music has been published with APM, and he is the co-founder of Dekatu Scoring, a boutique advertising music company, working with brands like ILIA and Hourglass Cosmetics. 

He’s deep in the development of a film of his own, based on his two previous stage pieces, in collaboration with Yara Zgheib, entitled Dust and Ions – following its Off-Broadway run at the Alvin Ailey Theater. His second album, Chasing Moons, has also received acclaim, released under the Artists Recording Collective label. Based in NYC, collaboration is key to Wakim’s approach to creating. He also loves stargazing, history, and subtly heartbreaking stories.


What moons do you long for? Cinematic, intimate, instrumental album:

Dust and Ions

A film in development