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Wakim, Alex

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Alex Wakim is an internationally recognized Lebanese-American composer whose interest in blending French, Middle Eastern, jazz, and classical music has led him to explore fresh avenues in writing for the screen and the stage. Based in New York, Wakim has recently completed several independent media projects, Not Only You (2019), LaLuz Meditation (2019), and is self-producing his musical, AN AMERICAN IN BEIRUT, as a workshop production. Continuing his masters at NYU Steinhardt's graduate film program has led him to many new avenues, and he looks forward to exploring new challenges and projects.

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Different Worlds

As a musician, my passions encompass many disciplines, in all of which I strive to create excellence.

Performing Pianist

Jazz | Classical | Latin Improvisation

Wakim Jazz Quartet - Pacing

Media Composer

Film | Games | Television   Miscellaneous

Reminiscing on Old Glory

Concert Composer

Chamber | Music Theater Orchestral | Jazz

Night Swirls (excerpt)

Creation Time

Please let me know if you have interest in working with me. I will respond within 24 hours and look forward to new projects and challenges.