Interested in original media music?

I adore creating, and I love being part of a creative process. Below are some comments on the subject if you are interested in having me on board.


The Concept

In this type of work, it is my goal to fulfill the vision that you have for your project. Once you present me a rough cut or an idea of what you want me to create, I go ahead and cook up something that I believe accomplishes that idea. We continue back and forth until you’re happy.


I’m pretty quick. I do not need a very long time to whip something up, I do need time though. I will try communicating with you as well as possible so that we are exactly on the same page.



This will be up to discussion given what the type of project is and what the timeline is. I typically ask for partial payment before the work, and the rest once delivered and finalized.



Please contact me with any questions, proposals, or comments. I will get back to you quickly!


“I want to see more”

For a highlight of what I do for media, click on this link: Screen Music.