Interested in commissioning a piece?

Commissioning is a joyful opportunity to foster creation. Below are some comments on the subject if you’re interested.


The Concept


The concept of commissioning a work is thus: the commissioner asks the composer to create an original piece of music for a certain instrumentation, duration, date, and price. This is all pre-agreed upon, given reasonable variation, and you walk away with a piece of music that you helped build. It is my hope to fulfill your interests through my voice. Consortium commissions are also possible, where many entities come together to fund a composer to create a large work, this takes the pressure off of each individual commissioner.



In this form of creation, a delivery date is always pre-agreed upon. You will know when I will provide you a finished piece, and I will hold on to that deadline as best as possible. Depending on what projects I currently have and what the scope of the piece is, the I can create the piece as early as a month from agreement to a year from agreement. I work fast though and this will be communicated.


Participation After Delivery

I am happy to attend and/or participate in events related to the piece: rehearsals, performances, masterclasses, etc. All is ask for is communication, and I will do what I can. I love being involved in the exciting creation of a new work.



Per standard commissioning procedures, payment is determined by the instrumentation, length of the piece, and amount of time allotted for completion. A 4 minute solo piano piece will vary in price from a 20 minute piano concerto. I tend to follow the guidelines set by the organization, Meet the Composer, which has published industry standard rates.



Please contact me with any questions, I will get back to you as soon as possible!


“I want to see more!”

For highlights from my concert composition output, click this link: Concert Compositions.