Not Only You - A Film by Healing Kansas

Film Scoring Reel


0:00 - Chamber Electronics. A mystical mood, responding to awe.
0:31 - Romance Theme. Romance and intimacy explored through an orchestral voice.
1:16 - Action Music. Epic drums in an ethnic ambiance. The end of a large fight.
1:53 - Journey. A hero looking over a mountain, this is a big step of dramatic strength.
2:29 - Reminiscence. Orchestral representation of reminiscing on old glory, looking through old photos of success.
3:09 - Electronic Sorrow. A cold, almost mechanical approach to sorrow, numbed by the world.
3:39 - Jazzy Confidence. A walk of pride, character introduction, seen through jazz.
4:21 - Americana. A call-back to the classic Americana writing of Copland and Rosenman, yet with a modern interpretation.

Chamber Electronics Reel

A display of versatility and variety in media writing for chamber electronics - combining intimate acoustic instruments with the vast array of possibilities that electronics can add.

Orchestral Reel

An array of samples from my acoustic orchestral writing. Varying from small chamber groups to large studio ensembles.

Zion's Port (2019)

A depressed white collar worker encounters a mysterious woman who sends him on a fantastical quest for gold.

Nice to Meat Ya! (2019)

A woman's quirky Saturday night comes to a sudden halt when an unexpected guest arrives outside.

Old Glory

Follow a journey of reminiscence, as an ex-boxer watches his old glory before his eyes. That is what this piece is about.

This was recorded at Studio West as a part of the Palomar Film Music Workshop.